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Ireland's Holy Wells County-by-County

Wells of County Longford

Legan holy well, Longford dedicated to Our Lady 2 May 2011.jpg

Our Lady's Well in Legan

Our Lady's Well

Our Lady's Well is in Legan.

A beautifully maintained walk leads to the Legan well at the corner of multiple fields. The well has a rectangular stone impoundment about eight feet in length with a votive-receiving thorn tree beside it. Gravel has been set around the well to accommodate gatherings.

It is visited all year, but particularly between 15th of August until the birthday of Our Lady 8 September.

People leave behind rosary beads, coins, small religious statues as offerings.

The older patron of the well was long ago lost. The number of decades of the rosary said varied between consultants.

Wells of County Longford