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Abbey Well

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1 Name of well and saint

The Abbey Well, Tobar na Mainistreache, Friary Well, Lady's Well. The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2 Townland, County, GPS

Abbeylands, County Cork. GPS: 51.70759734, -8.52899713

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is tucked down an lane-way and is surrounded by a semi-circle of stones.

4 Cure

General Cures

5 Pattern day

The Feast day is August 15th

8 Stories

The Blessed Virgin Mary was said to have visited the well. Making his way to the well for a midnight visitation, a man felt unable to reach the well. He stopped and made the sign of the cross and was able to continue to the site. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him there and protected him on his journey home. He knelt, thanked her, and kissed her hand after which she disappeared.

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