Lady's Well, Tobairin Mhuire, Lisheen

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Lady's Well, Tobairin Mhuire, Lisheen

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1 Name of well and saint

Lady's Well, Tobairin Mhuire dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Called Tobermurry in Archeological Inventory of County Cork Volume 1: West Cork

2 Townland, County, GPS

Lisheen, Cork
51°44'39.5"N 9°24'03.6"W

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

It is near the Kilmocomoge graveyard in a pasture. There is a white and blue painted fence around the well and many little "niches" that hold statues of saints, rosaries, and offerings ( by Amanda Clark). At the head of the well there is a large statue of Mary. People have left many cups lying around so that others can use them to drink from the well.

4 Cure


5 Pattern day

August 15th

6 Offerings

It looks like candles and rosaries are the most common offering.

7 Prayer rounds and stations

Mass is still held at the well on the 15th of August.

8 Stories

In 1848 the murder of John Murphy of Droumduff was committed on the pattern day. It was due to faction fighting occurring between the Flynns and the Murphys. Fifteen people were accused of participating in the murder. ( by Amanda Clark)

9 Publications by Amanda Clark
Photograph by Amanda Clark
Power, Denis et al. Archeological Inventory of County Cork Volume 1: West Cork. Dublin: Stationary Office. PDF. 10 Oct. 2018