Maulinward Well

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Maulinward Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Maulinward possibly dedicated to St. John

2 Townland, County, GPS

Maulinward, Cork
51°38'10.5"N 9°28'21.2"W

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

It is a small basin in the bank of a river and is very overgrown. It was possibly used as part of the rounds for the celebrations at the grave belonging to Father Barnane on the 23rd June which is St. John's Eve. ( by Amanda Clark)

4 Cure


5 Pattern day

23rd June

6 Offerings

There are no offerings at the well but a wide assortment is still left at the baullaun stone near Father Barnane's grave.

9 Publications by Amanda Clark
photograph by Amanda Clark