St. Johns well

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St. Johns well

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1 Name of well and saint

St John's holy well (Tobar Eoin)

2 Townland, County, GPS

Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is located down a pathway from Minard Castle. It is a well surrounded by built up stones in a horseshoe pattern with a flat rock at the base of the entrance to the well. The well also has two cross inscribed stones sitting at the front and back of the well and a rag tree nearby. (Amanda Clarke

4 Cure

Headaches and eyesight

5 Pattern day

August 29

6 Offerings

Rag tree near the well as well as quartz chips and coins thrown into the well (Lorraine Courtney, Amanda Clarke also reports of a variety of votive offerings left all over the stone wall surrounding the well

7 Prayer rounds and stations

"There is a holy well behind at Minard. It is near the sea. There is a wall around the well. The people pay the round on the 29th of August. the people go around the well nine times. Every one that pays the round must get nine berries and at every round they will drop a berry. There is a trout in the well. Any one that will see the trout will be cured. There is a stone standing at the top of the wall and there is a cross on the stone. The people that pay the round leave offerings at that stone. The people leave a few coppers and buttons and pins and the women leave a tassel of their shawl. After you would leave the round paid you would take three sups of the holy water. On taking the water you would bless yourself." (Amanda Clarke

9 Publications
Courtney, Lorraine. "A pile with a past," The Irish Times (Dublin), December 6, 2008.