St. Brigid's well

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St. Brigid's well

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1 Name of well and saint

Saint Brigid’s Holy Well / Dabhach Bhride

2 Townland, County, GPS

Ballysteen, Co. Clare

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The site has 2 parts. The upper sanctuary includes a rag tree and a graveyard. The lower sanctuary is where a statue of the saint and the well are located.

4 Cure

The well offers cures for eyes, joints, and headaches.

5 Pattern day

St. Brigid’s Day is February 1st and is observed at the holy well.

6 Offerings

Offerings to the well include flowers, religious figurines, and people nearby make offerings to the rag tree.

7 Prayer rounds and stations

The turas begins at the statue of the saint and visitors pray silently. Then they move to the upper sanctuary and then come back to the well completing specific prayers (see Houlihan, 2015).

9 Publications

Houlihan, Michael. 2015. The Holy Wells of County Clare.