St. Marnock’s Well

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St. Marnock’s Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Called St. Marnock’s Well, or “Tobar Mhearnóg.” (Branigan 2012:19).

2 Townland, County, GPS

It is located in the Burrow (Portmarnock) townland of County Dublin.

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is near the “medieval ruins of St Marnock’s church,” but now is in the “Royal Portmarnock Golf Course.” Branigan notes that “the site of the well is now quarried out and a large untidy pond exists there…[with] a circular trough and pedestal.” (Branigan 2012:20).

4 Cure

It is said to cure all disorders.

8 Stories

According to Branigan, in the past, “over the well grew an old willow tree which was said to bend down to shield the water from oncoming storms, and thus predict them, and also to give it its curative powers.” (Branigan 2012:19). An “Ogham stone” used to stand by the well but was destroyed when the well was “filled in 1855.” (Branigan 2012:19).

9 Publications

Branigan, Gary. Ancient and Holy Wells of Dublin. 2012> Dublin: History Press.