St. Odran's Well

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St. Odran's Well

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1 Name of well and saint

St Odran’s Well

2 Townland, County, GPS

Navan, Meath

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

“The well house was constructed over the well in 1858 by Navan Town Commissioners. A flight of six limestone steps lead down to a partially underground vaulted chamber. The inscribed plaque reads ‘Thubberorum rebuilt A.D. 1858 by Navan T.C.’ Navan Urban Council used the well in the early part of the twentieth century to fill its horse drawn watering cart. Today the well is dry” (French 2012: 68).

8 Stories

“Odran is said to have been the first Christian martyr in Ireland” (French 2012: 65).

“Tubberorum, off Ludlow Street in Navan, is said to be dedicated to St Odran, who crossed the nearby river in his chariot. One tradition states that St Patrick and his charioteer stopped here to take a drink from this spring to refresh themselves and their horses. John O’Donovan suggested that the well’s name may be derived from ‘uaran’, meaning cold” (French 2012: 67).

“In the nineteenth century, Collier, the highwayman, lived at Tubberorum Lane, next door to the courthouse. Collier had a fondness for drink but would occasionally abstain from alcohol and his friends would say “Collier is off the poteen, he is on the Tubberorum,”” (French 2012: 68).

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French, Noel. 2012. Meath Holy Wells. Trim: Meath Heritage Centre.