St. Mac Duagh's Well

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St. Mac Duagh's Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Saint Mac Duagh's Blessed Well

2 Townland, County, GPS

Teernea, Co. Clare

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

Houlihan states that the well "lies at the northern end of Ruan parish. It is about half a kilometre off the road, on the right-hand side through a farm-gate immediately after Lough George as one travel NE on the local road towards Tubber." It is somewhat overgrown (Houlihan 2015: 107). "The well has a dry-stone surround, two small pools of water lie within and there is a stone ledge over the spring for offerings. A small chamber attaches to the right and the back of the well. There are crude standing stones circling the well [...] Two smooth river- or sea stones rest on top of the well, together with some religious objects" (Houlihan 2015: 108).

4 Cure

"The well holds a cure for sore-eyes and head ailments" (Houlihan 2015: 108).

6 Offerings

Houlihan noted that there were offerings of a cigarette lighter, a horseshoe, and rosaries at the well when he visited (Houlihan 2015: 108).

7 Prayer rounds and stations

Rounds are done on Sundays.

9 Publications

Houlihan, Michael. 2015. The Holy Wells of County Clare. Castleisland, Co. Kerry: Walsh Colour Print.

10 More

The well is locally known as Tobar Mac Dé.