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St. Brigid's Well

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St Brigid’s Well, Eye Well. Positioned somewhere where Southwell Road is in Bangor, Co Down. Stream ran past Bangor Abbey and along where Southwell Road before going into the sea.

Holy Well in Donaghadee was situated behind the Catholic Church in High Street. It was known locally as Kaddy’s or Keedy’s Well The church was built in the 1845 but bombed on 26 August 1972. It lay a ruin until sold and demolished in 2007. Youth for Christ Charity shop now there and well was covered up. Bangor and Donaghadee are in Co Down.

Just outside Donaghadee on Milisle Road there is an old cemetery, at Templepatrick. There used to be a well there

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The legend about the Bangor one is that St Columba also known as Colmcille paid a visit to Bangor Abbey. He left a monk minding his boat after he landed at Bangor Bay. St Comgall, abbot and founder of Bangor Abbey came down to the shore following the stream. He invited the monk up to the abbey. On the way he noticed the monk was blind in one eye. He bathed the eye in water from the Holy Well and the monk’s eye was healed. An old Thorn Tree was beside the well.

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Historical History of Down and Connor Vol 2 by Monsignor James O’Laverty.

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Is the derivation of Donaghadee Domhnach Caoide Caidin’s Church? Would fit in with Kaddy’s Well . A local Donaghadee man has wondered about that.