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Description of Well Item Type Metadata

1 Name of well and saint

Holy Well Toberdowney (I am not aware of any saint dedication)

2 Townland, County, GPS


3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

This well has been filled in but is situated in a field just outside the village of Ballynure. There is no longer any visible trace of it but its position can be identified on the Department for Communities Historic Environment Map Viewer (Grid Reference: J3236094060).

4 Cure

Richard Dobbs, in his Description of the County of Antrim, 1683, states that 'in former times was very much frequented for sickness and distempers by the Irish' but no specific cures are mentioned.

5 Pattern day

The above source states May Eve, Midsummer Eve and Christmas.

6 Offerings


7 Prayer rounds and stations


8 Stories

Richard Dobbs recounts the story of how a young boy took a trout from the stream and died within a few days.

9 Publications

Richard Dobbs, Description of the County of Antrim, 1683 (available of the NISWR database)
Dobbs is also quoted in O'Laverty, Rev J. "Diocese of Down and Connor", 1884

10 More

This well is no longer recognised locally and I feel that it is extremely important that it should be, given that many of the street names in Ballynure village have been allocated the name Toberdowney, the significance of which is explained at