Saint Feichín's Well

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Saint Feichín's Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Saint Feichín's Well/Tober Feichín/the "Pan Well"

2 Townland, County, GPS

Termonfeckin Townland, County Louth

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

This well resides in the garden of the private residence of Jackie Tyrrell, as of 1998. Situated under a huge, 250-year old ash tree, you can find the well through the small gate in the wall. At the bottom of the well lies a circular depression, and is lined with stones. The water is clear. It rests near the ruins of Saint Feichín's monastery, as demonstrated by the cemetery and high crosses, which also signal the importance of the site (Connolly and Moroney, 1998).

5 Pattern day

Saint Feichín's Feast Day is on January 20th. It was celebrated with stations (Connolly and Moroney, 1998)

7 Prayer rounds and stations

Stations ceased around 1820. (Connolly and Moroney, 1998).

9 Publications

"Townland Survey of County Louth (Continued)" by Donald Murphy (1988)
"Stone and Tree Sheltering Water: An Exploration of Sacred and Secular Wells in County Louth" by Susan Connolly and Anne-Marie Moroney (1998)
"The Footsteps of St. Feighin in Co. Louth" by Thomas Gogarty (1908)

10 More

When building his church, a raven was said to snatch the hat of Saint Feichín's foreman. It then dropped it on the ground out the current site. Taking this to be a sign from the Almighty, he moved the building to the site of the current well. This might have contributed to the well's holy status (Murphy, 1988).