St. Colman's Well

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St. Colman's Well

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1 Name of well and saint

St. Colman's Well, although also closely related with St. Declan because of their close relationship. It is said that St. Colman baptized Declan and converted his parents to Christianity.

2 Townland, County, GPS

Kilcolman townland, County Waterford

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is in the parish of Ardmore, located in close proximity to Colman's church in the parish. The well features the Crann Cholmain (St Colman’s Tree) nearby, which is a thorn tree said to have been planted by Colman himself from a dry stick that took root in the ground when walking past his church and is considered sacred (Broderick, 2016: 50).

4 Cure

The well is believed to hold curative properties for headaches. In order to obtain the cure, one must fully immerse their heads in the water or drink the water (Broderick, 2016: 50).

5 Pattern day

There was once a pattern day, but it is no longer observed at the site. No further information is known about the specific date. (Broderick, 2016: 50)

6 Offerings

No information was provided on the offerings at the site.

7 Prayer rounds and stations

No information was provided on neither the rounds nor the stations at the site.

8 Stories

There is a story told by the local people about a man that attempted to break off branches from this thorn tree to burn, and went back to find his house perceivably on fire. When he returned to his house, it was not on fire so he went back for the sticks, and the fire seemed to be ablaze again. He went to put out the flames again, but it was not ablaze. During the third trip for the sticks, he returned to his house completely burnt down (Broderick, 2016: 50-51). This thorn tree is said to never be destroyed and is considered sacred.

Another story closely associated is that Saints Declan and Colman were very close and that was reflected in the very notion of where and how the church came into existence. Saint Colman is believed to have prophesied how Declan was to bring greatness to Ireland and foretold how he would evangelize the Délsi people, which is central to heritage in the county. (Broderick 2016:50)

9 Publications

Broderick, Eugene. 2016. Patterns and Patrons: The Holy Wells of Waterford.