St. Patrick/ Iskaheen/Eskaheen Well

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St. Patrick/ Iskaheen/Eskaheen Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Eskaheen/Iskaheen and Saint Patrick

2 Townland, County, GPS

Eskaheen, Muff, Donegal (Cronin, et al. 2012)

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The eye well is located in a natural well besides a stream of which the well feeds. It is located is good pastureland to the west of the Eskaheen Chapel and directly north of the village Muff. The well consists of a small natural spring with drystone surrounds to the south and southwest. The well aperture is sub-square in shape and measures approximately 0.4m in length and width. The water of the spring runs south-westward to a larger spring. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

4 Cure

Known as the "Eye Well" (the school collection). The well is said to have a cure for eye diseases and is frequently visited to this day. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

6 Offerings

Among the votive offerings are pieces of rags, children's clothes, medals, coins, statues, cups, rosary beads, ribbons, children's toys, keys rings and a few eyeglasses. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

8 Stories

Supposedly blessed by Saint Patrick who also founded the nearby St. Patricks Chapel. (The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1113, Page 203). St. Patrick’s in Iskaheen (1782) is one of the oldest churches in the Derry diocese still in use. (Iskaheen Parish, 2017:

9 Publications

Donegal Holy Wells 2002 Survey. The School's Collection.