Sunday's Well

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Sunday's Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Sunday’s Well (Carrignavar). Dedicated to King of Sunday

2 Townland, County, GPS

Carrignavar, Co. Cork

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is not visited regularly, but is not completely abandoned or forgotten either. It is located in an overgrown area near a cow pasture. Amanda Clarke describes the site in her holy wells blog:
“The first glimpse of the well was exciting, a little green hump with a flat-topped stone sticking out of the top. The mound was a beehive-shaped wellhouse made out of chunky stones, now pretty much swamped with ivy and ferns. The single stone was a magnificent slab, carved with a highly evocative crucifixion” “The area around the well was dense with vegetation, but I could feel lumps and bumps of other stones underfoot. Behind the well, a large flat rock looked like a possible Mass Rock.”
(Clarke, 2018,

4 Cure

Lameness. Clarke records an oral account from a local man of a family member who had recovered the use of his or her legs and abandoned crutches after visiting the well. (Clarke, 2018,

5 Pattern day

the Pattern day is not recalled. Mass was formlerly said here regularly. Now, the rare mass is a memorial a year after the death of a parishoner.

7 Prayer rounds and stations

A quartz stone tucked into the ledge of the well is used for inscribing the cross on a figure whilst prayers are said. (Clarke, 2018,

8 Stories

A local man recalled how the well was special to his parents who would visit frequently. They enjoyed just sitting on the rock behind the well, admiring the view, taking in the peace. He wished he had listened more when they talked about the well for information passed with them. As Clarke adds " I think we all wish that about our parents.” (Clarke, 2018,

9 Publications

Clarke, 2018,

10 More

Usually has a fair flow, except in dry summers.