Drumboe Lower Well

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Drumboe Lower Well

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1 Name of well and saint

Drumboe Lower

2 Townland, County, GPS

Stranolar, Donegal (Cronin, et al. 2012)

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The well is located on high, wooded land close to a site associated with Drumboe Abbey, approximately 1 kilometer northwest of Stranorlar. The well consists of a small niche between large boulders forming a stream that flows southward. It is shaded by large hardwood trees, one of which is the main feature on which votive offerings are accumulated. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

6 Offerings

Votive offerings are primarily deposited on a large hardwood tree which shades the well-site. The are numerous prayers, statues, metal and wooden crosses, Euro and Irish Punt coins, children's clothing and toys, inhalers, rosary beads, holy medals and strange objects such as golf tees, bookies' pens, mechanical tools, a broken cassette tape and a nativity scene housed in a cut-out plastic drinks bottle. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

7 Prayer rounds and stations

The well is still venerated and is led to by a gravel path signposted from the roadside. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

8 Stories

The site would have had vast views over the Finn Valley to the south, southeast, and southwest and is obviously associated with the very nearby Drumboe Abbey, which is thought to be the beginning of the settlement of Stranorlar. (Cronin, et al. 2012)

9 Publications

School Folklore Collection. Cronin, Donegal Holly Wells Survey, 2012

10 More

There is a holy well in Drumboe, County Donegal, called the Abbey well. It is said that there was an Abbey there and that monks dwelled in the Abbey. This may or may not be the same well. (The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1096, Page 76)