St. Molaga's Well (St. Malachy's)

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St. Molaga's Well (St. Malachy's)

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1 Name of well and saint

St Mologa’s Well, St Malachy’s Well, Tobar Mhealaicí, or Tobermologa

2 Townland, County, GPS

Baile an Bhaoithín, Co. Kerry, grid reference: Q35768 03495.

3 Physical description of well and its surroundings

The condition of St Mologa’s Well has declined in the last few centuries and now there is only dampy earth and scattered rocks where a prosperous well had been. The surrounding area consists of a damp field and a shallow spring (Clarke 2019). There is also a stone with writing that has not been deciphered and a faded symbol near the well (SFC: 445-447:0421).

4 Cure

Locals believe that this well can cure aches, pains and warts. Locals believed that performing the taurus at this site could cure headaches (Clarke 2019).

7 Prayer rounds and stations

The School Folklores’ Collection mentions that people used to pay rounds here (SFC: 445-447:0421). Clarke explains that this practice fell out of use in the early 20th century (Clarke 2019).

8 Stories

There is a story about a pot that would not boil during a wedding because it had the trout from the well in it. When the blessed trout was returned to the well, the water boiled (Ballywiheen Church, Ballyneanig, County Kerry by RAS MacAlister, 1897. Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland).

9 Publications

10 More

There used to be a white eel and a “small white trout there with red spots on it” ( SFC: 445-447:0421). Locals believed that the presence of the trout or the eel during the rounds indicated that those who saw it would be healed (SFC: 445-447:0421). There used to be a tree next to the well, but it is gone now (Clarke 2019).